Whether you’re rushing out of the house or are finally getting back home after a busy day, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is their key snapped in the lock. Although this chances are minimal, there are numerous potential causes for this which may include:

  • Trying to force a key in the lock when it is not fully inserted or is the wrong key.
  • Using keys which have been previously damaged or weakened due to misuse.
  • Applying too much pressure as the door is being opened, causing the key to bend and snap.
  • The lock is old and has caused a jam, preventing the key from being removed.

Whatever the reason for getting the key stuck in the lock, whether it is intact or broken, the issue will need quickly resolving to get your lock back in working order and prevent security concerns. Try to tackle the issue with patience and follow the below steps to resolve your key stuck in the lock as soon as possible.

  1. Use household items

If the key snapped in the lock has not broken right at the base, there may be a chance you can manually remove it yourself. Start by finding something like tweezers or pliers and gently check whether you can get a grip around the part of the key which is protruding from the lock. Be careful to not apply too much force and risk pushing it in further or damaging the lock itself. Another useful tool to try is a strong magnet, pulling the remaining key out without causing damage.

  1. Consider super glue

There are only certain instances which make super glue effective for a key stuck in the lock, so read carefully before you rush to the garage! If the key is snapped outside of the lock and is accessible without touching the lock, super glue can be gently applied to the end before you stick a block of wood or solid material to the other end. Be careful to not get glue on the lock and once it has dried, you may be able to pull the part of the key snapped in the lock out.

  1. Call an expert

If the above methods have failed and you still have a key snapped in the lock, it is time to call on a locksmith to prevent more time passing and risking damage. Locksmiths are highly trained and equipped with the best equipment to tackle a key stuck in the lock, normally being a relatively straightforward procedure.

Here at Locksmith in London, we offer emergency locksmith services in London so you can call on us 24/7 should you face a problem. We do not charge a premium for our emergency service as your safety is a priority; call us on 0746 387 3787 to speak to a member of our team today.