As the cold months approach and we wake up to the dark mornings, the freezing weather becomes an ongoing annoyance for car owners all over. As you rush out of the house to de-ice your car before you head out for the day, there’s nothing more frustrating than finding your car door is frozen shut, preventing you from getting in and turning on the ignition. To speed up the process and safely unfreeze the door, try out these simple methods to help you on your way.

  1. Rubbing alcohol

Being low cost to buy and often something that you may already have lying around the house, rubbing alcohol will quickly become a go-to solution on those cold winter mornings. Mix two thirds of rubbing alcohol with one third water in a spray bottle and keep this handy, spraying it onto your door handle to remove the ice. The same mixture can also be used on your windshield to clear up any build up of ice, with little worry of residue being left thanks to its speedy evaporation.

  1. De-icer

Many people prefer to buy a specialist product designed to de-ice their car thanks to its convenience. There are various products out there which not only melt the ice, but prevent refreezing by clearing up any remaining moisture. Before you purchase a new de-icer, be sure to check the small print as some poorer quality products may contain warnings about corrosion which are worth avoiding to preserve the condition of your car.

  1. Apply hot air

It can be an initial instinct to pour hot water over the area if your car door is frozen shut, but this should be avoided at all costs as it is not only a very temporary solution, but it can damage the wiring beneath the surface. Instead, use a warm setting on a hair dryer or heat gun (not the hottest setting) and gently warm up the area, moving the source of heat around to avoid overheating a certain spot.

  1. Call a locksmith

If the above methods have failed and your car door is frozen shut still, it could indicate a deeper problem. The icy weather may not be the reason for the issue and forcing the handle may result in further problems which can turn out costly. Get in touch with a Locksmith in London and explain your issue, getting some professional recommendations on the best approach for your situation.

Here at Locksmith in London, our automotive locksmith services are available 24/7 so you can access a reputable locksmith as and when you need them. Being regularly trained and equipped with the tools we need to carry out a variety of jobs, contact us a soon as possible so we can be by your side in a timely manner. If you have any questions or would like more advice on what to do when your car door is frozen shut, do not hesitate to reach out.