Your safety is a number one concern, so ensure you change your door lock as and when needed to keep your property secure at all times. Being an area which is not worth cutting corners on, contact a reputable Locksmith in London when you suspect that it’s time to change the front door lock, ensuring that the job is done to a high standard to prevent the risk of unauthorised entry. Our locksmith team are on hand to offer advice on your personal situation, establishing whether changing door locks is the best solution. To point you in the right direction, we’ve pulled together a quick guide containing the most common reasons for needing to change the front door lock.

  1. Age

As with many things, the quality of your locking system will deteriorate over time and not perform to its full potential. Many locksmiths may recommend changing door locks every seven years, but this will be dependent on the usage, with less used doors being likely to last for longer and others needing changing beforehand.

  1. Damage

Being the most obvious reason for changing your door lock, a damaged lock will require urgent attention so your home is not prone to vulnerability. Whether you have just faced a break in, the lock is feeling loose against the door or there is visible signs of wear and tear, getting a professional to address the problem before it has time to worsen is highly recommended.

  1. Lost keys

Losing your keys is a stressful event that is an unpleasant experience for everyone. Even though the chance of them getting into the wrong hands is small, it is always better to be safe than sorry by changing door locks just in case. When you change the front door lock and get a new set of keys, you can rest assured that your lost keys are no longer a threat to your safety.

  1. New home

When you move into a new home, there is so much to think about, but don’t put off changing door locks as this is paramount for your safety. With no knowledge of the prior residents, you cannot be certain who still has access to a key to your property so taking precautions is advisable. Before you move in and bring all of your valuables, changing your door lock will reduce the risk of unauthorised access when you’re least expecting it.

If you’d like any more advice on whether changing door locks is worthwhile, do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team of experienced locksmiths have an honest and open approach, only recommending work if it is necessary and advising you of the best solution for your individual situation. If you’re facing an emergency situation which means your property is insecure, we are available to contact 24/7 as and when you need us.