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A lock that is attached to the surface of the door is called a Rim Lock. These locks are quite suitable for internal doors and gates. A rim lock is sometimes backed by night latches, which hold the doors shut in proper position.

Also, the front doors with these locks can be shut without a key and are opened with the help of key from outside, but one is able to unlock these doors from inside without a key. Nightlatch rim cylinder locks are also known as Yale locks, after the name of one of the leading brands. Locksmith in London supplies and fits these locks from Yale or other brands.

Locksmith in London provides you lock replacing service. In case of any stolen or lost key, we only change the cylinder of the lock. This cylinder may be of similar quality, but if needed we will upgrade your lock cylinder, in order to ensure security.

As mentioned before in the mortice lock section, Locksmith in London advises you to fit mortice locks with the support of nightlatch rim cylinder locks.

Rim cylinder locks starts from £25.


Euro profile locks consist of “dual cylinder” configuration. In other words, they are made in such a way that they can be locked from both inside and outside the opening. These locks are used in garages, gates, standard doors, Aluminum, UPVC etc.

Unlike Rim locks, Euro Cylinder locks are not attached to the surface of the door, rather they are fixed within the door frame.

These locks can be broken into two pieces by applying the correct amount of force to the cylinder. Yes, burglars do apply these methods, but you can upgrade your lock to one, so that this procedure of attack can be inhibited.

Moreover, Locksmith in London advises you to upgrade all the euro cylinder locks through Snap Secure Technology, to prevent all sorts of vulnerabilities. These locks can be identified by the British Standard Kite mark symbol.

Euro cylinder barrel locks starts from £30.


Mortice lock consists of a pocket, which has to be cut into the door or cabinet or furniture into which the lock has to be embedded. These locks can be often seen on back doors. In case of front doors, they are paired with cylinder rim locks or Yale locks.

These locks can be categorized as deadlocks or sash locks. Deadlocks have only a keyhole and a bolt, while sash locks consist of bolt, latch and a pair of handles.

Previously, these locks were used in old buildings only, but now they are fixed in many domestic and commercial properties. The five lever mortice deadlock should be fitted to all external doors, according to the Home Office. This is also considered as a minimum standard for many insurance companies.

Now this is important to note that lever variations can take place. Number of levers are directly proportional to the level of security. As it gets more difficult to pick the locks, with higher number of levers.

Locksmith in London suggests that locks should be upgraded to five lever locks (British Standard BS3621:2004). Why? Because this is the minimum requirement of most of the insurance companies.

Mortice locks starts from £40.


As stated by research, one of three burglaries take place through the windows. Hence, it is important for everyone to ensure their window security. Now this is something obvious that if a burglar enters through the window, he will not escape through a broken window. So remember not to leave your door keys near your window; this can become a part of their escape plan.

Window locks are usually fitted to reachable windows, such as the ones next to drain pipes, flat roofs etc.

Locksmith in London is here at your service to replace, fit or upgrade any lock, in order to meet the British standard.

Window locks starts from £30.


A 10 lever mechanism, automatic deadlocking action and a long time security can be all summed up to one term, “Ingersoll locks”. These are considered as high security locks.

Mul-T-Lock cylinder and key registration card are also now available with Ingersoll locks.

Locksmith in London can easily fit or replace your old lock with Ingersoll locks.

Ingersoll replacement cylinder starts from £60.


If you have a Banham lock at your home, then you’re fully protected. As these locks are reliable and secure, they are sanctioned by all the insurance companies and metropolitan police.

Locksmith in London is fully equipped and experienced to install Banham Rim Deadbolt and Banham Cylinder Mortice Deadlock. They can be fitted at your property on short notice as well.

Banham locks starts from £250.


The above mentioned locks are not the end of our services. Locksmith in London provides you additional door security through door chains and bars.

Door bars & chains starts from £20