Residential and Commercial Locksmith In London

Locksmith in London specialise in providing a rapid 24 hour emergency call out service dealing with lock outs, stolen keys, burglary repairs etc. Contact us today for more information. Serving Ilford, Wanstead, Walthamstow, Tottenham, Stratford, Edmonton, and BEYOND!


What Locksmith Services in London Do You Offer?

We offer a variety of different locksmith services in London at competitive prices so that all property owners can access our services. We offer door repairs, which include strengthening the door frames and installing high security door locks and bolts. Our door security helps you to protect your property through additional security measures, such as window locks, mortice bolts, door viewers, and door chains. Other locksmith services in London also include garage security and lock fittings.

In addition to this, we can also help you if you have moved property, as the previous owner may still have a spare set of keys to the property or might have given them to a neighbor or family member in case of an emergency. We can fit new locks, so you can be sure that only you and the people you live with can access your property. Serving Ilford, Wanstead, Walthamstow, Tottenham, Greenwich, Edmonton, and BEYOND!

Residential and Commercial Locksmith Services Near Me in Ilford, London

Table Of Contents

Door Repairs

Whenever a burglary takes place, a door damage is usually caused, which further makes your facility insecure. Thus, it is indispensable for you to get your door repair done as soon as possible, so that you can make your premises secure again.

You can call Locksmith in London, at any time of the day meaning 24/7, to avail our locksmithing services for both residential and commercial properties. We completely understand your needs and hence we can cater to your unique needs and demands, through our consultation services as well.

These door repair services include, strengthening the door frames, installation of high security door locks and bolts, be it hinge or sliding, to ensure maximum security of your vicinity. Moreover, these door repairs are not restricted to any one type of door; aluminium, upvc and timber doors can be easily repaired through our services.

Our team of locksmiths is professional and trained to acquaint themselves with our customer’s unique needs and then offer them a tailored solution to match customer’s demands.

Since, Locksmith in London caters to most of the London boroughs, we can reach your venue in no time. Our guaranteed response time is of 30 minutes; hence, you don’t have to wait for a long time to ensure security at your home or work.

Door repairs are nothing to worry about when Locksmith in London is available every time at your service.

Door Security

Whenever you think of home security, the first thing that comes to your mind is your door security. Locksmith in London can help you ensure the protection of your property through additional security measures. Some of them are stated below.

We can assist you to fit your window locks and we will make sure that they are in accordance with the British Standard BS 7950. But it’s your part to make sure that the keys are out of sight from your window.

Mortice bolts are almost similar to mortice locks. They are fitted into the door frame. These bolts can only be opened through the inside of the door with the help of keys.

Locksmith in London suggests that in order to meet British Standards and minimum requirements of insurance companies, one should fit five lever mortice deadlocks in their doors.

Door viewers help you to identify who is at the door before opening the door. This can have another benefit; you don’t have to reveal your own identity.

Door chains have the same benefit as door viewers. Though the difference is in their design. One has a spy hole while in the other one you can view the visitors through side of the door.

Garage Security

Often garage locks are a part of the burglar’s plan. Locksmith in London offers you professional garage door security i.e. garage lock installation and lock repair services and all other kinds of garage security, which includes installation of padlocks, mortice deadlocks, garage handle lock and garage defenders.

You could need our assistance in case of a general failure of your garage lock or when it’s buckled, which are a consequence of lock arrangement issue.

Now here some usual types of locks used in garages: T handle, lever handles, ZA and Euro Cylinders.

In order to meet the British Standard, double garage doors can be fitted with mortice deadlocks. We can also make upgrades in your existing one, depends on your requirements.


The fitting of padlocks with hasp and staple will provide your garage with better security. Fixing bolts can be a substitute. In both the cases, your garage will be secured from the inside.


Garage defenders are easy to install and are affordable. A heavy duty arm is attached to the base plate and its mechanism inhibits the tilt action of the door. It makes almost impossible for someone to enter.


If you the common open out double garage door, then mortice deadlocks are best for you.


Patented or normal handle locks are used for all the size of garages. They can be upgraded to ensure a high level of security with anti-breakage and rust free property.

Note: All the products and services depends on the type of garage you have. In some cases, we need survey the site first.

Lock Fittings

Locksmith in London can help you in lock fitting and replacement. It’s one of the situations where you can need us. Other cases include you being locked out, or you may have lost your keys or be unfortunate victim of burglary or may be your locks are old enough that they need a repair now. Just call us any time.

All type of locks are fixed by our specialized locksmiths. Door locks, window locks, garage locks, and what not. Research says that two in three burglars enter homes through doors. Door lock security is a must. So get your locks fixed today and make sure that you and your property are secure enough for a goodnight sleep.

Moving Home?

Home security is a must. Research says that ” If you have just moved home, then you are twice as much as likely to be burgled.”

Yes, prevention is better than cure. Remember to change your home locks after moving home.


1. Do you think that the only person who has keys is you? Well, expectedly, this is not the case. The tenants before you can also have the keys.

2. If you will be unfortunate enough to go through a burglary, then the insurance companies would not act upon your claim in accordance with the British standard 3621:2004.

3. May be some of the locks are damaged; hence they would be needing a replacement.

4. Thinking about spare keys? Well, it is not an alarm, but the spare keys are most likely to be with the neighbours or relatives of the tenants, who lived here before.

Thus, don’t forget to change your locks whenever you shift to a new home. Stay secure. Locksmith in London is providing you this service 24/7. Just give a call at 07463873787.