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If you have any objection regarding the following terms and condition then you are not supposed to use our services or products mentioned on the website.

1. You acknowledge not to use this website for illegal motives, and you will agree to all the laws stated below.

2. Also, you agree to be held accountable in case of any cost incurred by us arising as a result of breaking the consent of terms and conditions mentioned.

3. A fixed price of £50 is applied to all advance booking’s cancellation for all the customers. All the details will be deleted, once the transaction of the stated amount occurs.

4. “No fix, No fee” policy is implemented to no skill work done by our locksmith. But a fee will be charged in case of 15 min stay at your property or workmanship of our professionals.

5. Parking cost of our staff will be paid by clients, if required.

6. Warranty is not applicable on our services, in case of the workmanship of a third party or the client himself, once our locksmith has left your property.

7. Our defect policy states that the client can mention any defect in our service within 7 days.

8. Transaction fee will be applicable on payments made through credit/debit card.