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The Ultion lock has managed to get the title of TS007 3 star and Sold Secure Diamond Standard, and one should note that the test for these precious labels was developed in collaboration with Master Locksmith Association, which provides further credibility to the status of Ultion locks.

These are the second kind of locks, after Avocet ABS, to clear this kind of test. The commonality that lies between the two of them is that they are designed by the same famous lock lord, Steve Stewart. So, the questions arises, what is the difference between the two of them. Well, as the last statement manifests, both of them cleared the test; hence this leaves us with very less room for distinguishing between the two locks.


According to the Office of National Statistics, 73% of the burglaries happen through doors; hence it is important to keep the doors as much secure as possible. But, you don’t need to worry anymore, because Locksmith in London has the ultimate solution of your security, in the form of Ultion Locks.

Previously the burglar would have managed to open your door within seconds, but with the installation of the very strong, secure and solid Ultion locks, your bad man would never be able to succeed. Rather, he’ll keep on trying to unlock the door, till you reach your home back again.


Anti-Drill? Anti-Pick? Anti-Snap? And Anti-Bump? Is that your image of an ideal lock? Well, then the ideal lock is just a call away!

The Ultion Lock is resistant to drilling, picking, snapping and bumping, as it consists of anti-drill, anti-snap, anti-pick and anti-bump pins, to ensure your safety. Watch these videos to get the complete insight about your future security tool. (embed the video from this link)


Lock snapping is a practice followed by almost all the burglars, but you have to trust Ultion’s anti-snap mechanism. Let’s have an inside look at the way it operates. Even if the attacker manages to remove the two resistance and sacrificial sections of this lock, a lockdown mode will come into action, making the unlocking of the door completely irresolvable for the attacker.


The system installed in the lock is able to activate a hidden security lock, after sensing the attack. Best part, the lock stays operational from the inside of the door. This is one of the many unique features of this lock.

Let’s take another practical look at this lock. An extreme case would be, if the bad guy is capable of snapping the reverse lock. The burglar’s plans are still not executed. He is left with yet another layer of Ultion to challenge and that is the molybdenum alloy core, which is 25% denser than the iron. *feels sorry for the thief* (embed the video from this link)


In case of no-ultion lock, it is easy to apply the bumping key technique, for the intruder. Since, safety is ensured in the Ution Locks, bump resistant pins are mounted to make the unlocking impossible.


The most violent method that the burglar can use would be the drilling technique; therefore, six hardened steel rods and two plates are installed at both the poles of the Ultion lock. Now both of these components help resist the drill attack from different directions. If a drill attack is made through the key way, then the two plates will protect your home, and if the drill attack is put into action through the lower end of the lock stopping, then the steel rods will act like a shield. Either ways, you’ll stay secure.


The only thing that you require to unlock the Ultion lock, is the key. It’s the only means to open your door. Moreover, there can’t be any obstacle for you to unlock the door through keys, not even the dust. The tool is self-cleaning, in order to prevent any jamming. Before the key completely enters the beautifully designed key hole, all sorts of dirt and fragments are removed from the key, making the easy entrance of the key possible.

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