Whether you have just moved into your new house or are doing a routine check to ensure sufficient safety measures are in place, following our simple home security advice guide will help maximise your safety. Through offering locksmith services in London, we realise the importance of adequate security measures, installing simple solutions to reduce the risk of any break-ins and help you relax in your home.


Hidden in plain sight

Hiding a spare key seems like a sensible thing to do for many homeowners, taking caution in case they forget their key one day or a member of the household arrives home earlier than expected when they’re not about. A spare key under the plant pot is the oldest trick in the book so any potential burglars will be the first to check here, above your tyres and in any decorative features so it’s time to rethink this idea. Our home security advice would be to leave a spare key with trusted neighbours or local relatives for any emergencies, kept well away from unwanted visitors!


Give yourself some privacy

Especially for those of you living on main roads or busy neighbourhoods, keeping your valuables out of sight will help deter any bad intentions. Especially on the ground floor, avoid any expensive goods being in plain sight of passers-by as this is the perfect opportunity for thieves to find out what you have to offer.


Create a barrier

An additional obstacle is another key bit of home security advice, acting a further deterrent for any intruders. Whether it’s a gate which may create a creaking sound when opened or a gravelled pathway which will alert you of any footsteps, these barriers are very off-putting when bad intentions are involved. However, we recommend avoiding high fences or bushes as these can become a hiding place out of the view of any passers-by or neighbours.


Lock it up effectively

Some locks are very easy to break or gain access to, build with a simple one-step lock that does not offer a full level of protection. There are so many types of locks out there which are all designed for different purposes, from night latch locks to rim cylinder locks, but deciding on the most effective can be confusing. If you are thinking of upgrading your locks, your locksmith will be able to offer home security advice tailored to your property and help you choose the best solution at a price that works for you.


Don’t overlook doors and windows

Even if you have the best locks in town, weak window or door frames mean they are only solving half of the problem. Calling on a locksmith to carry out an assessment of your property, especially if you are in a new home, will help identify any potential weak spots which could be an easy entrance to an intruder. Strengthening door frames, installing window locks and checking garage entrances are just some of the ways your local locksmith can help offer home security advice and solutions.