If you have suddenly found yourself without your keys, the panic can really start to set in. Whether you’re fumbling around your handbag, retracing your last steps or sat outside your front idea with no idea what to do, start by calming yourself down so you can approach the situation sensibly.

We’ve seen a whole host of approaches from people losing house keys which range from climbing up a ladder to break into a window or spending the night in their car to wait until morning. These ideas should be avoided at all costs; your safety is the number one priority so avoid taking any risks that could harm you or others around you.

Locking keys inside of the house

We’ve all been there! If you find yourself locked out of the house with no access to a spare key, this is often relatively easy to overcome. Most locksmith services in London will be able to access the property without breaking an entrance or requiring you to change the locks, a much simpler approach than taking matters into your own hands. Following their visit, you will be able to continue using your existing keys without the hassle of needing new ones.

Lost house keys

If you are unable to locate your lost house keys, it is always worth changing the locks completely. Although this is a more costly option than getting a new key cut, the risk of your keys coming into the wrong hands is not worth considering so getting a new lock and set of keys will ensure your home stays protected after losing house keys. It is also worth noting that losing house keys can invalidate any home insurance claims if not resolved as you are not taking the appropriate security measures and any burglaries will not be eligible for claims.

Losing house keys during the night

The intensity of the situation escalates if you find yourself losing house keys during the night. As well as feeling particularly vulnerable being locked outside of your home, the lack of light and places to go can cause further stress. Here at Locksmith in London, we operate a 24/7 emergency service to attend properties at all hours of the day. With no additional fees and an aim to be by your side within just 30 minutes to gain access and secure your property, your safety is our main concern.

Dealing with a burglary

If you are unfortunate enough to have been a victim of a robbery or burglary which led to lost house keys, it is important to take immediate action. After alerting the emergency services, calling on a locksmith service to repair any damage to the property or prevent any issues from occurring by changing the locks will provide you with the peace of mind you need. The locksmith attending your property will also be able to assess your property from a security perspective to recommend and additional measures you can choose to implement if needed.