We’ve all been there, frantically searching through our pockets or handbag unsure if we’ve left our keys at home. Having a spare set of keys means if you find yourself unable to get inside your property, you do not need to rely on locksmith services in London. Whether you lock the keys in the house, lose them when out and about, forget them at work, cause damage to the key or another family member needs to get inside when you are away, there are various occasions when hiding the spare key can be a lifeline.

Getting a spare key cut is an easy and low cost job which can save you money down the line. Your local locksmith will be able to produce a replica of your key so you can keep it handy if you find yourself without, accessing your home without having to wait for a professional to gain entry.

Hiding the Spare Key in the Best Spots

Once you have your backup key cut, knowing where to keep it is the next decision. Typical ways of hiding spare keys such as under the plant-pot or doormat should be avoided at all costs as they pose a security threat to your home. Your spare key should be out of the way of any passers-by as you do not want to increase the chance of any unwelcome guests. As well as hiding the spare key in plain sight, avoid keeping it in your wallet. Although this may seem like a sensible idea, if your wallet gets lost or stolen, your spare key will be sat right next to your home address!

When hiding spare keys, safety is paramount so here are our favourite spots to ensure you can access your key when needed but have peace of mind that it is securely stored.

  • With a trusted friend
    Whether it be your neighbour or a local friend or family member, having a key nearby for emergencies is always a good idea. Even if it needs to be hidden outdoors, risk is minimised as nobody will know which house the key belongs to and this gives you time to change the locks if it goes missing.
  • A combination lock
    Hiding the spare key in a locked safe is a secure and easy way to keep an extra key on hand. The small combination safe can be mounted to the wall and only accessed with the correct 4 digit code, preventing unauthorised access at all times.
  • Round the back of the house
    Depending on the layout of your house, hiding spare keys in the back garden is a good precautionary measure. If you can access the back of your home through a gate or alley way, keeping the spare key well-hidden here will be a deterrent as any burglars will be less likely to reach this area.

If you have had issues with hiding the spare key and need your locks changing or would simply like some advice on keeping your home secure at all times, please contact us today. Your safety is a number one priority so ensure your home is as secure as can be.