Common Locksmith Myths Debunked by Ilford Locksmith in London

Our daily lives would not be complete without locks and security measures that provide us with a sense of security and protection. However, there are many untruths and legends about locksmith services, accidents, and the general efficacy of locks. In this article, we’ll dispel popular locksmith myths and illuminate the truth so you can make an educated choice regarding your security requirements. We will dispel the most pervasive myths and offer correct information, with an emphasis on locksmith services in London, to distinguish fact from fiction.

1. Myth: All Locksmiths Are the Same

Fact:  There are different levels of training, specialization, and expertise among locksmiths. While some locksmiths may be exceptional at providing home services, others may focus on business or automotive work.

Selecting a trustworthy locksmith in London such as Ilford Locksmith with the specialized knowledge to handle your unique scenario quickly and successfully is essential when you require emergency locksmith services.

2. Myth: Locksmiths can open any lock with ease.

It is a proven fact that lock picking requires much exercise and instruction to master. Even though locksmiths have the knowledge and tools required to pick locks, it is not a simple operation.

Modern locks are constructed with cutting-edge security features that make them impossible to pick. A knowledgeable London locksmith in Ilford will be able to utilize the right techniques to open a lock without harming themselves or resorting to locking picking.

3. Myth: Locksmiths Only Provide Emergency Services

Fact: Even though emergency locksmith services are essential in lockouts and other urgent situations, locksmiths provide a wide range of services. They may help with security system improvements, lock installations, lock repairs, rekeying, and more.

To guarantee the long-term efficiency of your locks and general security, routine maintenance and proactive security measures are equally important.

4. Myth: Locksmith Services Are Expensive

Fact: The complexity of the job, the time of service, and the location all affect how much locksmith services cost. London locksmiths provide cheap rates, even though emergency locksmith services may cost more because of the urgency and fast action needed.

Additionally, hiring a trustworthy locksmith can help you avoid security breaches and any damages brought on by amateur or unqualified locksmiths, saving you money over time

5. Myth: Locksmiths Can Duplicate Any Key

Fact: The ability of the locksmith, access to the original key, and specialized tools are all necessary for the precise procedure of key duplication. While many keys are simple to duplicate, others, like high-security or restricted keys, call for the owner’s permission or special security measures to prevent unauthorized replication.

These guidelines will be followed by a qualified Ilford locksmith in London, who will also guarantee the reliability of key duplicating services.

6. Myth: Locksmiths Don’t Require Licensing or Certification

Fact: To practice lawfully, locksmiths in Ilford London are required to hold the necessary licenses and certificates. Locksmiths must adhere to strict standards of professionalism, ethics, and competency to be licensed.

Verifying a locksmith’s qualifications and making sure they belong to respected locksmith associations are essential steps in the selection process since they show their dedication to upholding industry standards.

7. Myth: DIY Locksmithing Is Sufficient for Minor Issues

Fact: Even though DIY projects can be rewarding, attempting to fix lock-related problems without the proper training and experience might result in security risks and additional headaches.

Locks can be damaged by improper handling or the use of the wrong tools, leaving them useless or necessitating expensive repairs. To ensure efficient operation and maintain the security of your property, it is best to leave locksmithing tasks to professionals.

8. Myth: Locksmith charges are roughly the same

Fact: Unfortunately, this is completely incorrect! The fees charged by many of the big national locksmith firms are far more than those charged by a small local locksmith. There are also significant price variances, with some locksmiths charging by the hour.

This could be purposely misleading as you won’t know how much you’ll be charged for a job until it’s finished. Any seasoned locksmith ought to be able to give you a fairly precise estimate for the entire job after speaking with you on the phone about the issue. In addition, many locksmiths tack on covert extra fees for “call out” services or weekend work.

9. Myth: All locksmiths guarantee their work

You might assume that all locksmiths will install high-quality components that are appropriate for the task at hand and have passed rigorous testing. This is regrettably not always the case.

To save money, some locksmiths will install locks of extremely poor quality that they have purchased on sites like eBay. Good luck trying to get the original locksmith to come back and replace the locks when they break. However, a competent locksmith will always install branded locks that adhere to the necessary security requirements.

The British Standard Kite Mark is typically visible on the box as well as the lock itself for these locks. The typical warranty period for locks of this type is one year, even though they typically last much longer.

It is clear that believing any of these above myths could cost you money. If you need a locksmith quickly, be careful to inquire about their fees, including any “extras,” and always get multiple quotes. Additionally, it is worthwhile to quickly scan through their ratings on directories like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.


For a better knowledge of security systems and locksmith services, it is crucial to dispel common fallacies about locksmiths. By separating fact from fiction, we can make educated decisions and take the required steps to ensure the safety of our homes, businesses, and vehicles.

It is much more crucial to have accurate information when talking about locksmith services in London because of the hectic cityscape and the requirement for trustworthy locksmith aid in emergencies.

We can choose the most qualified professional for our particular needs by being aware of the various levels of expertise and specialties among locksmiths.